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Training Services

Course Design
There are times when course syllabi covers either to much/to little detail, in some topics, and not enough detail in other topics, and may not be pitched at a suitable level to match your current & required skill level. This can waste your valuable time when you are looking to get the most you can from a training course. Or you may simply wish to add/remove certain topics to the syllabus. Why not let Griffin Software create and customise a course, designed and geared specifically to your requirements. This gives you, the client, choice and flexibility ensuring rapid skills transfer for your staff. For more details contact us.

Public Training Courses
Griffin Software holds public scheduled courses in our fully equipped training centre. Each class holds up to 8 delegates. You can contact us for an up-to-date schedule and for further details on how to book a seat on the course of your choice.

Private Training Courses
Many of our clients choose private courses. This could be for several reasons. It may be required that several employees attend the same, in this instance, it would be more practical to book a private course for investment reasons. Our clients also book private courses so that they can mould the course specifically to their requirements, thus having obvious advantages.

Our mobile training facility:-
Finding it difficult to release members of a team for a few days? Perhaps you need to have them in the building whilst there learning? Well, we can come to you.

Griffin Software offers it's clients a mobile training facility - all you need to supply is the room. Our mobile training room equipment can be used anywhere. It consists of preloaded laptops which we can network, overhead computerised projector, manuals and reference materials needed to deliver the training.

We can deliver a course at a location of your choice. Bringing our Instructor, equipment and knowledge directly to you could prove to be a far more cost effective method of training your team. For more information on our mobile facility

Post Course Support
We value our clients and are extremely proud of the training and services that we deliver. We want to ensure that our clients get exactly what they are looking for. In order to ensure that the skills transfer goes as smoothly as possible we provide post course email support to all our delegates, for a period of 30 days, following course completion.

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