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Linux and Unix

Unix Administration Essentials (Solaris HP-UX AIX)

"Ireland's Centre for Linux & Unix Excellence"

Course Content:

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Differences In Approach (IBM vs HP-UX vs SUN) Differences And Similarities In User Administration
What are the fundamental differences in approach to the design of the respective OS offerings?
What is the corporate approach to their UNIX offering?
Major Operating System components (tools, kernel facilities, management software)
Use of the shadow file
Trusted Computing Base
Choice of user shells etc.
GUI tools for user administration
Command-line tools for user administration
Workgroup policies
Differences In Device Management Differences In Service Management
How are devices recognised
Naming conventions
Tools to add/install new devices
Dynamic device tree management
Devices files and directories
Printing services (local, remote & network printer support)
Internet-related processes (LAN card management, MAC addressing)
Networking facilities
Naming Services Support (DNS, NIS, LDAP etc.)
Differences In File Storage Differences In System Admin Tools
Disk management (physical partitions or whole disk approach)
Use of memory-based file systems
Supported file system types
Logical Volume Management facilities
File system size limitations
Performing on-line backups
SMIT (IBM) vs SAM (HP) vs SMC (Sun)
GUI or TUI availability
Super-user privileges
Role-based Access Control
Special workgroups
Sundry Topics
Backup Portability issues
Approach to Security
System Performance issues
Patch Management & Bug Fixes
Documentation availability

Target Audience:
  • UNIX administrators who need to be aware of the differences between the versions of UNIX
  • Windows NT/2000 administrators (who meet the pre-requisites)
  • UNIX users wishing to move into an administrative role.
Those attending this course will require prior command-line experience using any Unix distribution acquired by attending our Unix Fundamentals course or equivalent experience. A good working knowledge of Shell Scripting is also preferable.
  1. Unix Fundamentals Course (any Unix version), or equivalent knowledge
  2. Solaris Fundamentals Course, or equivalent knowledge
  3. HP-UX Fundamentals Course
  4. AIX Fundamentals Course
Follow-Up Courses:
Option of other related or follow-on courses:
  1. Korn Shell Programming
  2. Bash Shell Programming
  3. Solaris™ Advanced System and Network Administration FasTrack
  4. Enterprise Linux Administration

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