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Linux and Unix

Advanced Shell Programming

"Ireland's Centre for Linux & Unix Excellence"

Griffin Software's website now correctly reflects two different courses for our 4 Day Shell Programming Course. One delivered through the Korn Shell (ksh) and the other delivered through the Bash Shell. You are probably seeing this page because you followed an old bookmark or link from a website. You can click through to the appropriate course below.

The two courses are very similar in their scope but most people prefer to learn through the shell that they will actually be using because of some small (and a few not so small) differences between them. Both courses spend the first three days looking at the scripting features of the shell itself and the fourth day working with Sed and Awk. The instructor, on either course, will often try to poing out where the differences may lie, but the course materials and the classroom environment will be based on one shell or the other. In general, the Bash shell has some extra features to be covered that are not available in the older versions of the Korn Shell still in practical use today.

4 Day Shell Programming: Prerequisites:
  1. Linux or Unix Fundamentals Course (any version), or equivalent knowledge.

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