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Linux and Unix

Bash Shell Programming

"Ireland's Centre for Linux & Unix Excellence"

With Linux' eventual (but inevitable) acceptance as a legitimate enterprise and business operating system, the Bash shell has finally gained equal acceptance. As with a lot of open source projects the Bash Shell is the most complete and feature rich shell in widespread use on Linux and Unix systems. Keeping an eye on its ancestry in the Bourne and Korn Shells, the Bash Shell has added a lot of functionality to the shell scripting environment.

This 4 Day course, aimed at users who are comfortable working with the Linux or Unix command line, allows the student explore the world of task automation and designing their own Linux tools and utilities. The course begins by looking at the familiar shell command line from a new perspective and from there moves into creating shell scripts. A lot of attention is given to the myriad of syntaxes available and used in Shell Scripts - important if you're trying to maintain other peoples code. A lot of attention is also given to good programming style and technique. The fourth day of this course focusses specifically on Sed and Awk - indispensible text processing tools for any serious shell programmer.

All students on programming courses, inparticular, benefit from spending as much time as possible actually writing code and trying to solve problems. This is particularly true of Shell Scripting with its huge range of syntaxes and techniques. With this in mind, more than half of the time spent on this course is spent working on lab exercises with individual feedback and advice from the instructor. The labs are specifically crafted to allow more experienced programmers run ahead and experiment while giving everybody something that they can learn and take away from the experience.

This course is aimed at systems administrators and software engineers or users who simply want to take their command line skills to the next level.

Linux or Unix Fundamentals Course (any version), or equivalent experience

Click here for course content details Course Summary:
  • Linux and Unix Processes
  • Getting Started
  • Variables
  • The Login Process
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Special Variables and the Command Line Arguments
  • Quoting Mechanisms
  • Functions
  • Advanced Programming
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sed
  • Awk
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