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Solaris 9 Practical Administration

"Ireland's Centre for Unix Excellence"

Course Content:

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Introduction Managing Users and Groups
Course Contents
Introduction to Solaris
System Concepts
Solaris , SUN OS, Kernel & Shell Definitions
Introduction to User Accounts
Password Security
Managing User Accounts using GUI or Command-line
Managing Groups using GUI or Command-line
Customizing the User's Environment using Initialisation Files
Introduction to System Security Device and Disk Access
Changing System Security Defaults
Monitoring User Access
File Ownership and Access Permissions
Extending File Access Control using ACLs
Device Naming Conventions
Reconfiguring System Devices
Disk Slices and Labels
Partitioning Disks
Filesystem and Disk Space Management Installation
The Solaris Directory Hierarchy
File System Types
The Unix File System
Creating and Mounting Filesystems
Maintaining and Backing-up Filesystems
Managing Swap Space
Methods of Installing Solaris
The Solaris Interactive Installation Program
Installation Checklists: System Identification and Install Questions
Customised Server/Standalone installation
Introduction to Jumpstart
Packages and Patches Processes
Examining System Contents and Revision Levels
Installing Optional Software
Installing and Deleting Software Packages
Patch Administration
Managing Processes
Scheduling Batch Processes
Scheduling Regular Tasks
Introduction to the Cron scheduler
Managing the Cron Subsystem
The Boot Process Printing, Networking & NFS
The Boot Process
The System Initialisation File
Changing Kernel Parameters
Defining System Run Levels
Maintaining System Initialisation Scripts
Introduction to printing
Adding access to local printers
Introduction to networking
Remote system access
Introduction to sharing files using NFS
Setting up an NFS server and client

  1. Unix Fundamentals Course (any Unix version), or equivalent knowledge
  2. Solaris Fundamentals Course, or equivalent knowledge
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  2. Solaris™ Advanced System and Network Administration FasTrack
  3. Linux Administration Essentials

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