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Solaris Fundamentals

"Ireland's Centre for Unix Excellence"

This 3-day course provides newcomers to Unix and Solaris with a sound appreciation of the Operating System. The course identifies the most useful Unix tools and utilities, and teaches their use by means of extensive practical 'hands on' exercises. In addition you will learn how to use the Unix text editor, and how to write shell scripts using the Bourne/Korn shell programming language.

click here for course content detailsCourse Summary:
  • What is Unix?
  • Unix Architecture Overview
  • Getting Started
  • UNIX File System
  • Text Manipulation
  • I/O Redirection
  • The VI Editor
  • The UNIX Shell
  • Introduction to Shell scripting
Follow-Up Courses:
Option of other related or follow-on courses:
  1. Shell Programming Advanced
  2. Posix Shell Programming
  3. Solaris™ Practical Administration
  4. SolarisTM Advanced System Administration
  5. Solaris™ Advanced System and Network Administration FasTrack
  6. Linux Administration Essentials
  7. Linux System and Network Administration Essentials FasTrack

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