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Oracle 11g Practical Database Administration

This 5 day course provides students with the practical skills and knowledge required to get up and running and administer Oracle 11g Databases. From creating a server, through setting up the database, security and users down to the details of monitoring and tuning the system on a continuing basis, students will be taught through demonstration and hands-on practice. Real world tips and advice help the student to leave armed with the confidence to configure their own instance and tune it to their specific requirements.

The course does require students to be familiar with SQL and PL/SQL and obviously to have a basic understanding of relational databases.

click here for course content detailsCourse Summary:
  • Overview of Oracle Database
  • Starting and Shutting Down an Oracle Database
  • Using the Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Oracle Database Users and Schemas
  • Oracle System Privileges
  • Datafiles and Tablespaces
  • Control Files
  • Oracle Physical Structures - Online Redo Logs
  • Oracle Physical Structures - Undo Segments
  • Segment Space Management
  • Tables
  • Indexes
  • Constraints
  • Views
  • Object Privileges
  • Synonyms
  • The Optimizer and Statistics
  • Oracle Net Services
  • Data Pump
  • SQL*Loader and External Tables
  • Back up your Database
  • Recover your Database
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Installing Oracle Software
  • Creating a Database using DBCA
  • Manual Database Creation
  • Auditing the Database

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