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Perl Programming on Linux or Unix

Course Content:

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Introduction Operators and Control Flow
What is Perl? / A Sample Perl Program
Basic Syntax / Running a Perl Program
Scalar Variables / Conditional Execution
Looping Constructs
Understanding Scalar Values More Operators
Integer / Floating-Point
Octal & Hexadecimal Notation
Character Strings
Initial Values
Arithmetic Operators / Comparison Operators
Logical Operators / Bit Operators
String Operators
List & Array Variables File I/O
Lists - Range & Length
Arrays - Initialization & Assignment
Array Slices
Array Manipulating Functions
Sort, Reverse, Join and Split
Open, Close, Read & Write on a File
Die Function / Status of a File
File Test Operators
Multiple Files & Command Line Arguments
Opening Pipes
Pattern Matching More Control Structures
Match Operator
Special Characters
Anchoring Patterns
Substitution Operator
Translation Operator
For and Foreach Loops
Do/While/Until Loops
Last, Next and Redo
Continue, Labels and Goto
Subroutines Associative Arrays
Definition and Invocation
Return Value
Local Variables
Passing Values
Passing Arrays by Name
Definition and Reference
Adding and Deleting Elements
Listing Indexes and Values
Looping Through an Associative Array
Data Structures
Formatting Output References (Pointers) in Perl
Print Format
Value-Field Format
Multiline Field Format
Output to a File, Select Function
Setting Page Header ∧ Length
Printf Function
Scalar References
References and Arrays
References to Subroutines
References to File Handles
Object Oriented Programming
Classes / Constructors
Methods / Destructors

  1. Linux or Unix Fundamentals as well as other programming experience such as Java, C or C++.

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