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Object Oriented Programming in Java

Course Content:

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Classes and Objects: A deeper look Object Oriented Programming: Inheritance
Controlling access to Members
Referring to the Current Object's Members with the 'this' Reference
Overloaded Constructors
Default and No-Argument Constructors
Garbage Collection and Method Finalize
static Class Members
static Import
final Instance Variables
Creating Packages
Superclasses and Subclasses
protected Members
Relationship between Superclasses and Subclasses
Creating an Inheritance Hierarchy
Inheritance Hierarchy using Protected Instance Variables
Using Private Instance Variables
Constructors in Subclasses
Software Engineering with Inheritance
Object Oriented Programming: Polymorphism GUI Components
Polymorphism Examples
Demonstrating Polymorphic Behaviour
Abstract Classes and Methods
Case Study: Payroll System using Polymorphism
Demonstrating Polymorphic Processing, Operator instanceof and Downcasting
Summary of the Allowed Assignments between Superclass and Subclass Variables
final Methods and Classes
Creating and using Interfaces
Developing a Payable Hierarchy
Declaring Constants with Interfaces
Common Interfaces of the Java API
Simple GUI-Based Input/Output with JOptionPane
Overview of Swing Components
Displaying Text and Images in a Window
Text Fields and an Introduction to Event Handling with Nested Classes
Common GUI Event Types and Listener Interfaces
How Event Handling Works
JButton Component
Buttons that maintain State
JCheckBox Component
JRadioButton Component
JComboBox and using an Anonymous Inner Class for Event Handling
JList Component
Mouse Event Handling and Adapter Classes
JPanel Subclass for Drawing with the Mouse
Layout Managers
Using Panels to Manage more Complex Layouts
Exception Handling Files and Streams
Exception Handling Overview
Example: Divide by Zero without Exception Handling
Implementing Exception Handling
When to use Exception Handling
Java Exception Hierarchy
finally Block
Stack Unwinding
printStackTrace, getStackTrace and getMessage
Chained Exceptions
Declaring new Exception Types
Data Hierarchy
Files and Streams
Class File
Sequential-Access Text Files
Creating a Sequential-Access Text File
Reading Data from a Sequential-Access Text File
Updating Sequential-Access Files
Object Serialization
Creating a Sequential-Access File using Object Serialization
Reading and Deserializing Data from a Sequential-Access File
Additional Classes
Opening Files with JFileChooser
Collections Overview
Class Arrays
Interface Collection and Class Collections
ArrayList class and Iterators
LinkedList Class
Collections Algorithms
Algorithm sort
Algorithm shuffle
Algorithms reverse, fill, copy, max and min
Algorithm binarySearch
Stack Class of Package java.util
Class PriorityQueue and Interface Queue

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