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C Programming

This 5 day course is for experienced programmers with a knowledge of a High Level Language. It provides a sound understanding of the "C" language. The course covers language constructs, structured data type flow control and the "C" compiler.

Course Summary:
  • History of the "C" language, overview of "C"
  • Program structure & compilation
  • Variables & constants; data types
  • Arithmetic & assignment of operators
  • Relational operators / type conversion
  • Increment / Decrement ; Bitwise logical operators
  • if-else and switch statements / while, do-while and for loops
  • Function declarations, calls, arguments & return values, scope rules
  • Constants ; Macros; File Inclusion; Conditional Compilation Addresses
  • Structure notation
  • Unions
  • Unformatted & Formatted Standard I/O
  • File Handling
  • Unix System Calls / Character Manipulation Routines
  • Storage Allocation
Target Audience
This course is designed to teach the key elements of the 'C' programming language to existing software developers.

  1. General keyboard familiarity will be assumed
  2. The ability to use a Unix editor such as "vi" is essential
  3. Knowledge of a high level language such as Pascal would be an advantage

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