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C ++ Programming

This 5-day course provides a good understanding of the C++ language. Experiencing the C++ language features and how to use the C++ compiler to build simple programs. The delegates are given an appreciation for the expressiveness of C++ and it's standard libraries as well as to provide the necessary grounding for a further study of a particular C++ development environment e.g. Visual C++.

Course Summary:
  • The 'C' Language family, C, C++ and Objective 'C'
  • CPL to BCPL to B to C++
  • The 'C' Programming Language - Kerninghan and Richie
  • The C++ Programming language - Stroustrop
  • Object - Oriented programming
  • Data Abstraction
  • 'A better C'
  • C++ basic types and variables
  • Simple C++ program - Compiling and Running
  • Expressions
  • Types and literal constants
  • Symbolic contents - 'const' and 'enum'
  • Operators: The 'main ()' function
  • Control Flow - Program Structure
  • Conditions and Loops - 'if', 'switch', 'while', 'do' and 'for'
  • Input and Output in C++
  • The C+ standard library
  • The 'iostream' classes
  • Output- 'cout' and 'cerr' : Input - 'cin'
  • Stream Operators : Functions - Arguments, Return Values,
  • Arrays, Pointers and References
  • Creating Instances
  • The Free Store : Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance and Derived Classes : Multiple Inheritance
  • Templates - Writing 'generic' code & Template Functions
Target Audience
This course is designed to teach the essentials of ansi C++ to existing developers. No prior knowledge of C++ is assumed.

  1. Participants on this course should be experienced software developers
  2. Delegates should have a good understanding of 'C' Programming

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